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Discerning Truth

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Ron Leonard, PCC

Ron Leonard, PCC

Offering Individual, Family and Christian Couples Therapy

The decision to start counseling is a difficult one. “Am I really that bad?” “I should be able to fix myself.” “Maybe they’ll tell me I’m crazy.” “How do I know this works?” While the prospect of counseling can be frightening, the reality is usually much less exciting. When you visit our office, we will work on figuring out and resolving your situation with straightforwardness and good humor. We offer caring, thoughtful individual, family and Christian couples therapy for residents of the Cleveland area, northeast Ohio and the surrounding region.

Our practice is directed by Ron Leonard, a Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) in the State of Ohio. He is the author of “Discerning Truth in a World Filled with Lies,” and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as a master’s degree in business administration. Leonard is also a nationally certified counselor through NCHMCE. He specializes in many different forms of counseling, such as helping those with depression, anxiety, Christian couples therapy, premarital counseling, anger management, career planning, addictions, abuse/trauma, family therapy and more.

Approaches in Individual & Christian Couples Therapy

While several different methods may be used, a typical intervention will consist of a thorough background review, followed by cognitive therapy combined with Christian values. We also now offer EMDR services for PTSD and other trauma.

Counseling is an effective way to engage in personal and relational development in a very focused, structured and supportive way. The more dedicated time you spend on it, the greater the opportunity for positive results and change.

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We are professional, affordable and ready to help you improve your life. If you haven’t tried counseling or Christian couples therapy before, or you have but feel frustrated for lack of progress, contact us today. We are happy to see you take this brave step toward a happier life and we look forward to walking the road with you.