Welcome to Truth or Counseling!

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Ron Leonard, PCC

Ron Leonard, PCC

Welcome to Truth or Counseling!

The decision to start counseling is a difficult one, “Am I really that bad?”  “I should be able to fix myself.”  “Maybe they’ll tell me I’m crazy.”  “How do I know this works?”

While the prospect of counseling can be frightening, the reality is usually much less exciting.  When you come in we will work on figuring out and resolving your situation with straightforwardness and good humor.


While several different methods may be used, a typical intervention will consist of a thorough background review, followed by cognitive therapy combined with Christian values. I also now offer EMDR services for PTSD and other trauma.

Following are the stories of just a few of the people I have had the privilege to help over the years. Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

Jamie and Rachel –

Rachel felt cold and emotionally abandoned. Jamie had plenty of time for his interests, but couldn’t spare 5 minutes to talk to her.

Jamie, in turn, felt rejected in every way a man could be rejected. Every effort to fix things was met with scorn and contempt.

It took a lot of humility and willingness to change on both their parts, but mutual dislike faded away and their relationship grew back into a marriage that looked a lot more like what they had before. Only now they had better tools they could use to help bond and to handle conflicts.

Bob –

Bob was anxiety-ridden. Although outwardly he seemed to be popular, lovable, and successful, Bob was tormented with continual emotional pain. After God rescued him from his decision to kill himself at his business, Bob was hospitalized and released.

Though he was now “stable”, Bob was still crippled by his anxiety and depression. His life felt hopeless and he was wracked by old emotional wounds. Depression made it hard for him to focus or even stay at work all day.

It was a long process, but Bob eventually stopped hiding in parking lots to avoid work and regained his perspective on life. He learned to neutralize his anxiety and he came out of the experience with a much closer relationship with God.

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