Discerning Truth Book

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DiscernCover-800x1200Are you tired of being lied to? Not sure who to believe? Do you suspect that you can’t trust anyone outside of your immediate family (and you’re keeping a close eye on a few of them)?

Christian therapist, MBA, Mensa member, and all-around good guy Ron Leonard shares his life-long journey of seeking for the truth in this book dedicated to the belief that the truth can be found and is worth any price.

Interwoven with stories from his own life are serious discussions of how to separate truth from fiction in journalism, science, economics, marriage and even yourself.

Case studies tie together the various concepts in interesting and easily understood vignettes. A bonus section shares insights on truth learned from counseling with real-life couples and individuals.

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“Ron Leonard has done a masterful job communicating truth in a world riddled with deception. He capsulizes timeless truths and make them applicable to real life! The book is theologically accurate and intellectually stimulating. It’s a must-read and I highly recommend it!”

~Steve Hutchison, Speaker and Author of “Me Tarzan, You Jane!”

“Ron Leonard has written a book that can readily assist all of us to live better lives by improving our critical thinking skills. With clarity, humility, stimulating case studies and stories, and helpful doses of humor, Ron addresses how we can discern truth, which after all, should be one of everyone’s primary concerns. Covering a broad range of topics, the author sets up a journey of discovery to develop a framework for wise and fruitful living, regardless of the reader’s age, status, or background. He uses the best selling Book of all time as a mirror to the soul, and masterfully arranges a conversation to help us find truth and live according to it.”

~Mike Olejarz, National Training Staff and former East Coast Director of Chi Alpha Christian Ministries