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Help is here! We are glad that you have taken this courageous step forward on your road to positive mental health. We look forward to working with you, and we want to bring healing and restoration to you, your family and your relationships with Christian perspectives you can trust. Ron Leonard is a PCC therapist (Professional Clinical Counselor) who has been assisting countless individuals, couples and families since 2005. With offices in Parma and Auburn Township, OH, he serves residents throughout Northeast Ohio and the surrounding area.

We have all the information on this page for new clients. We look forward to being your trusted partner as we navigate an exciting journey toward better health.

We Welcome New Clients

Please download and fill these out to bring to your first appointment. Filling out as much information as possible will speed up the necessary office paperwork so we can devote more time talking about issues that matter to you. Please feel free to leave any questions blank and wait to discuss them with your PCC therapist if you are unsure about them.

Informational Forms

Rights and Responsibilities   pdf

Informed Consent Form   pdf

Financial Policy   pdf

Ron Leonard Disclosure   pdf

Forms to fill out and bring

(Couples please print 2 copies)

Intake Form   pdf

Signature Page   pdf

Optional Forms

Marital Information Form (couples issues only)   pdf

Release of Information   pdf

What Types of Counslors are There?

As you’re looking for counselors, you’ll notice a few abbreviations after their names. This is what the abbreviations mean in order from least to most experienced:

CT: A counselor in training, likely still going to school.
PC: A counselor who has graduated from school with a master’s degree in counseling and is able to treat and diagnose mental disorders.. However, they are relatively new and/or inexperienced in the field and are operating under supervision from a more experienced counselor. Supervision periods last a minimum of 2 years.
PCC: Like a PC, but are fully licensed, have finished their 2 years, passed state-level certification exams and operate independently. Ron Leonard operates with the PCC designation.

New Clients Start Here

Ron Leonard knows you’re hurting and understands where you are now, regardless of specific circumstances. He knows you want to improve and become the best version of you. He cares deeply about each one of his clients and how your future will unfold. You owe it to yourself, your family and friends to explore everything that your counselor can assist you with. Call us to arrange an appointment at our Parma or Auburn Township, OH location – you’ll be glad you did!